IWC Aquatimer Calendar Digital Date-Month 2014


The Aqua­timer Cal­en­dar Date-Month is lim­ited to only fifty copies till now. This amaz­ing wrist watch com­bines tech­ni­cal prowess as well as is aes­thetic refined. This is a case, which is dif­fer­en­ti­ated by an unusual com­bi­na­tion of mate­ri­als such as rub­ber coated tita­nium. It includes some fea­tures of per­pet­ual cal­en­dar along with a large dig­i­tal dis­play for date and month. The jump­ing machine inte­grated and over­rid­ing the change of months together with marine igua­nas of the excep­tional energy competence.

After mil­lions of years, some igua­nas were stranded by chance on the Gala­pa­gos Islands. Since they did not get enough amount of food on the arid arch­i­pel­ago, they went to seek it in the sea but in cold water, their body tem­per­a­ture dropped very quickly. Over time, the marine igua­nas are mas­ters in energy man­age­ment. They bask on vol­canic rocks heated by the sun in order to build up strength for their tir­ing dives, and water. Slow­ing their heart­beats, the atmos­phere reduced their energy needs. This is how nature uses energy wisely. Energy plays a cru­cial role not only in biol­ogy but also in mechan­i­cal watch mak­ing mech­a­nisms as well. The auto­matic wind­ing mechan­i­cal watch pro­vides the motive power required move­ment, of which, only a small por­tion can be har­vested and the reduced length of the mainspring.

The Aquatimer Perpetual

To mea­sure time and even for com­pli­ca­tions requir­ing a lot of power, like the per­pet­ual cal­en­dar, the energy is suf­fi­cient in this new branded watch. How­ever, when deal­ing with a con­tin­u­ous cal­en­dar with large dig­i­tal dis­play date and month and leap year dis­play up to five dri­ves, it must be oper­ated simul­ta­ne­ously. This is where the clas­sic self-winding reaches its lim­its. This is why engi­neers IWC Schaffhausen devel­oped a mech­a­nism called jump­ing mechanism.


In 2014, the per­pet­ual cal­en­dar with large dig­i­tal dis­play with date and month jump­ing mech­a­nism enters the fam­ily of watches IWC Schaffhausen diving.

The Aqua­timer Per­pet­ual is lim­ited to fifty copies and only avail­able in IWC bou­tiques, is the flag­ship of the new Aqua­timer collection.

Marked tech­ni­cal design of the dial is dis­tin­guished by very large num­bers of per­pet­ual cal­en­dar mechan­i­cally pro­grammed until 2100. The records of the date and month are cov­ered with per­fo­rated grids that include the ele­ments for which the design­ers were inspired by the ubiq­ui­tous fil­ter sys­tems in under­wa­ter vehi­cles. This allows observ­ing the com­plex switch­ing mech­a­nism which include a fas­ci­nat­ing show at the end of the month espe­cially when all four discs date are simul­ta­ne­ously in motion. The four-year cycle of leap years is also rep­re­sented dig­i­tally. The dig­i­tal dis­play in large dig­its belongs to the tra­di­tion of IWC Schaffhausen for over a hun­dred years. IWC has already launched on the mar­ket the first pocket watches with dig­i­tal dis­play jump­ing hours and min­utes in 1884. The Pall­we­ber says that the name of the paten­tee watches was very pop­u­lar at first, but the dig­i­tal time dis­play, unlike the date, could not win.

Today, most peo­ple pre­fer ana­logue time indi­ca­tion by hands, because it reads more quickly and instinc­tively, and allows a bet­ter under­stand­ing of the con­cept of dura­tion and time. The IWC engi­neers have con­sid­ered this sit­u­a­tion to expand inno­v­a­tive dis­play of fea­tures avail­able in the Aqua­timer Dig­i­tal Date-Month sec­ond type with a chrono­graph dis­play. It can be used to eas­ily meet the required sur­face inter­val between the first dive and the next. The cen­tral hand indi­cates the sec­onds timed. Once we have expe­ri­enced this ana­log dis­play tim­ing, we do not return will­ingly to the tim­ing of addi­tional time spread over sev­eral meters. Inte­grated fly­back fea­ture, the touch fea­tures, reset­ting the chrono­graph at tim­ing dur­ing and imme­di­ately restart a new timing.

In div­ing, this dis­play also con­trols the speed of ascent. These are the amaz­ing fea­tures of these new styl­ish and funky watches avail­able in classy and mod­ern designs.


The true great­ness of Aqua­timer Per­pet­ual Cal­en­dar Dig­i­tal Date-Month is not seen only in the dig­i­tal date dis­play, but also its case looks attrac­tive as well. An impos­ing diam­e­ter of 49 mm makes it the sec­ond largest watch bracelet his­tory of IWC after the Big Pilot’s Watch of 1940. The exter­nal rotat­ing bezel is in 18K red gold for pro­tec­tion added on the left side, and cov­er­ing the refined clutch sys­tem trans­mits the rotary move­ment of the outer rotat­ing bezel inter­nal rotat­ing bezel. The IWC Safe­Dive sys­tem ensures that the rota­tion of the bezel can only be done in the oppo­site direc­tion clock­wise, so that the time zero can­not be inad­ver­tently exceeded. The cas­ing ring of the watch with push­ers and crown are made of tita­nium coated with rub­ber. While attrac­tive black rub­ber bracelet inlaid with black alli­ga­tor ensures opti­mum com­fort and rugged dura­bil­ity. The unusual com­bi­na­tion of red gold, leather and rub­ber gives great looks in noble and sports. The trans­par­ent sap­phire crys­tal enables one to admire the move­ment of IWC com­pris­ing of 474 com­po­nents, with auto­matic wind­ing dou­ble pawl par­tic­u­larly effec­tive. Tech­ni­cal and func­tional look of the oscil­lat­ing weight echoes reli­a­bil­ity bathy­scaphes. The Super-LumiNova ® coat­ing that cov­ers the hands and indexes is par­tic­u­larly lumi­nes­cent in the dark, in two col­ors: green for dis­play on the dive time and blue for the time in hours. The impos­ing Aqua­timer Dig­i­tal Date-Month Water­proof 10 bar admired, both under­wa­ter and on land. This is also why she has in com­mon with marine igua­nas of the Galápagos.


Since 1868 man­u­fac­tures time­pieces of great value, this has become a lead­ing name among the watch mak­ing brands. Due to the pas­sion of pio­neer­ing solu­tions as well as sci­en­tific orig­i­nal­ity, the com­pany is earn­ing a world­wide rep­u­ta­tion. This is one of the world lead­ers of lux­ury watch indus­try, the crafts mas­ter­pieces IWC has pro­duced, Haute made sure about the pro­duc­tion and pre­ci­sion of designs. As a socially depend­able com­pany, the IWC Com­pany is ded­i­cated for giv­ing sus­tain­able pro­duc­tion and sup­port­ing the world­wide sup­port to the insti­tu­tions for chil­dren. These insti­tu­tions will be work­ing for ded­i­cated part­ners for the pro­tec­tion of cli­mate or the environment.



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