Limited edition Glashutte Original Senator rattrapante — Baselworld 2007


The lim­ited edi­tion of almost 100 copies of the watches has been made of the Sen­a­tor Rat­tra­pante which is the new mas­ter­piece of watch­maker Glashütte Orig­i­nal. Unveiled for the first time at Basel­world 2007, such type of time­piece has all the qual­i­ties which make Glashütte Orig­i­nal man­u­fac­tory of renown.

Inside the 99 cal­iber with man­ual wind­ing, the mov­ing parts such as stems, wheels and pin­ions are embed­ded in the ruby ​​bear­ings. Such type of move­ment, which first has a wheel that is located between two exhaust-pivots against, makes the watch worth lov­ing. The watch is hav­ing other tech­ni­cal improve­ments as well. The end of the pin­ion of the escape­ment wheel is set in a ruby ​​bear­ing, allow­ing reduced amount of fric­tion. The reg­u­lar­ity of the beam thus ensures sta­bi­liza­tion of the ampli­tude. These pads fall energy in a bal­anced man­ner, thus enabling the open­ing of the pli­ers with­out the lat­ter is based on the fourth wheel of the split.

These are some of the mas­ter­pieces of mechan­i­cal reveals that the open bot­tom on sap­phire crys­tal. Another remark­able fea­ture of the Sen­a­tor Rat­tra­pante is its “func­tion return flight” which is unique and the most excit­ing thing about these watches. It has advan­tage of instantly launch a new tim­ing when the chrono­graph is already under­way. This makes the watches avail­able in new and unique styles. You can buy these qual­ity watches for style and to wear some­thing ideal.

Glashutte Original Senator rattrapante

99 cal­ibers are avail­able with the watch with the func­tion­ing of proper man­ual wind­ing of this exclu­sive time­piece is housed inside a solid plat­inum case 42 mm in diam­e­ter. These are the amaz­ing reviews and fea­tures of the watch that you will be wait­ing for. You can see these pic­tures to see some of its appar­ent fea­tures and to see the style of this ideal design.



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