Seiko Men’s SNK809 “Seiko 5″ Automatic Watch Review




Seiko is a well known watch brand which is famous for its High-tech fea­tures, inno­v­a­tive design and astound­ing per­for­mance. Putting price range in con­sid­er­a­tion, Seiko cre­ates one of the best watches for men and Seiko SNK809 ‘Seiko 5’ Auto­matic watch is the paragon of it. It’s a styl­ish watch which comes with auto­matic move­ment for con­ve­nience. It has a unique design with num­bers show­ing min­utes on the outer cir­cle and hours in the inner cir­cle.
Lumi­nous fill hands make it easy to check out time whether it is day or night and sec­ond hand is dis­tin­guished with red accent. Date and day are dis­played at three o’clock to make it eas­ier to see. Black straps wrap com­fort­ably around the wrist and tra­di­tional buck­les are used to fas­ten it. Seiko 5 Auto­matic watch is per­fect for folks who like casual look with high-tech sys­tem.
The watch oper­ates through Auto­matic move­ment which means it doesn’t need bat­ter­ies to oper­ate; instead, the watch is pow­ered by the move­ment of the per­son who is wear­ing it. The spring in the watch needs to be wound suf­fi­ciently for the proper work­ing of the watch. If it is wound less fre­quently than required, time­keep­ing may end up less accu­rate. For proper work­ing, per­son needs to wear the watch 8 hour at least every day or man­u­ally turn the crown to wound the spring.

In Short


Seiko SNK809 ’Seiko 5’ might not be able to com­pete against high end and lux­ury watches but at this cheap price it is still a great deal. The watch comes with remark­able fea­tures with great com­fort and appeal. It is a great choice for peo­ple who are look­ing for time­piece which is com­fort­able to wear and easy to maintain.


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Per­for­mance and Features

Seiko SNK809 is designed to pro­vide superb accu­racy with styl­ish design. The auto­matic move­ment fea­tures works bet­ter than many brands and pro­vides amaz­ing accu­racy if han­dled prop­erly.

  • Comes with sleek design and light weight can­vas straps giv­ing it a styl­ish look with com­fort­able wear­ing expe­ri­ence. Its sim­ple design and light weight make it suit­able for every­day use.
  • It has a durable stain­less body with sturdy Hardlex min­eral crys­tal dial win­dow giv­ing it super sus­tain. The body and win­dow can sur­vive hard impacts with­out even get­ting a scratch.
  • 21-jewel Auto­matic move­ment sys­tem is used to pro­vide superb accu­racy. No bat­ter­ies are required to oper­ate the watch it will work with the move­ment of wearer’s arm. With this sys­tem, the watch hardly lags 2–3 min­utes in a whole week, which is quite high accu­racy for an Auto­matic move­ment watch.
  • Lumi­nous hands and Ara­bic numer­als are used to tell time even in dark. More­over, cal­en­dar is also located at 3 o’clock for convenience.


Seiko 5 comes with Auto­matic move­ment sys­tem as a power source. It doesn’t require any kind bat­tery to oper­ate, when the per­son who is wear­ing it moves his arm the spring located inside the watch wounds, thus, watch oper­ates. If the watch is not worn for a whole day it may start lag­ging and show incor­rect time. You can also man­u­ally wound the spring if you can­not wear it all the time, but it should be kept in mind that too much man­ual wound­ing can also lead to incor­rect time­keep­ing.
It has a round design with 37millimeters case diam­e­ter and 13 mil­lime­ters case thick­ness. This makes it eas­ier to wear and com­fort­ably work with your hand. Can­vas straps also pro­vide com­fort­able expe­ri­ence with­out hurt­ing or sweat­ing your wrist. Addi­tion­ally, tra­di­tional buckle gives it the classy look which every­one appreciates.


Seiko SNK809 is an amaz­ing watch with a sleek design which every­one loves. The design is sim­ple yet exclu­sive, light­weight yet durable. With 21-jewel Auto­matic move­ment sys­tem, it pro­vides the most accu­rate time as com­pare to many brands.


Though the casual look is loved by many but there are many peo­ple with clas­sic or con­ser­v­a­tive taste who might lack inter­est in it. Addi­tion­ally, with 30 meter water resis­tance it will require extra care as it can sur­vive splashes or rain but can­not be worn while swim­ming or tak­ing shower.

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