A refined collaboration of Herr Judit and Triwa


Triwa is a watch brand that got the whole coun­try to run around with col­or­ful Rolex clones. This brand has proved one of the lead­ing watches brands show­ing once again to the world that the man has good control.

Herr Judit and Triwa

Triwa was founded as recently as 2007 and has a vision of the watch that acts much more than just a time informer. Although it might be some­what trite, it is true that watches today is more of an acces­sory which design plays an impor­tant role. This took the guys in Triwa gang that when they bor­rowed clas­sic watch mod­els and threw them into a color machine. Out came the cheer­ful, play­ful and nice watches in dif­fer­ent mate­ri­als and col­ors of the rain­bow — and at a price that the clock con­text is like a pittance.

Now Triwa teamed up with Stockholm’s best vin­tage shop for men’s fash­ion — Herr Judit — and cre­ated an excit­ing piece that exudes retro fra­grant inspi­ra­tion. We’re talk­ing about a watch that can use­fully be car­ried to the tweed jacket, pais­ley pat­terned hand­ker­chief, cro­chet tie and brown well-polished brogues through the town.

Herr Judit and Triwa

The watch itself smells 1940s with a lit­tle yel­lowed dial and NATO Band in leather which pro­vides a nice vin­tage feel. The watch also has a mechan­i­cal move­ment, which invites you to a nice moment when you wake up in the morn­ing and turn up the clock. The clock is made in only 200 copies, but we look for­ward to more excit­ing col­lab­o­ra­tions to come.

You will see your­self how amaz­ing the style and design of the watch by look­ing at it your­self. Here are some of the pic­tures of the watch you can see to make sure that the design of this watch is unique and trendy.



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