An ideal design-Yema flygraf


Leav­ing the awards of the “Made in France”, the Yema brand presents a new model ded­i­cated to avi­a­tion and new designs. What ben­e­fit will you tell me to pro­pose due to such a model, even though when some of the famous brands appear more legit­i­mate? First and fore­most, because of its rel­a­tively low price that is approx­i­mately 300 €, the Fly­graf has now become very good value for money. Just because of it, Yema has its own his­tory in rela­tion to avi­a­tion and space research. And yes, there is no Omega in the niche space watch­mak­ing. The brands like For­tis, Yema and Poljot had their moment of glory in the past times but now the time is for new and smart brands with unique ideas. The first French astro­naut named Jean-Loup Chré­tien, who was indeed equipped watches Yema now delights the dif­fer­ent and new col­lec­tors of vintage.

Yema flygraf

True to its aero­nau­ti­cal voca­tion, Fly­graf is now dis­play­ing a ruler rotary cal­cu­la­tion with var­i­ous scales con­ver­sion. Con­ve­nient to use, it allows you to per­form nav­i­ga­tional cal­cu­la­tions pushed to esti­mate the flight time, know the hourly fuel con­sump­tion or cal­cu­late alti­tude to reach with the rate and dura­tion of climb. Also equipped with an alarm, chrono­graph Fly­graf will drive suc­cess­fully, daily all avi­a­tion enthu­si­asts, and oth­ers of course.

Although this is not Fly­graf with a fin­ish Lange or Patek, we must admit that many efforts have been made in this area. Details of the dial leather strap croco stitched the French watch­maker has com­bined all the para­me­ters of aes­thet­ics to offer own­ers a look Fly­graf Knight Sky.

The fly­graf comes in a small sized box accom­pa­nies by a tag of lug­gage along with a board­ing pass leather as every sin­gle detail in brands counts impor­tant. The brands take care about these things while sell­ing their products.



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