In 1975, Claude Neuschwan­der, the for­mer head of Pub­li­cist takes IPL brand. He decided to plea to the design­ers of the time. He also invited Jean Dinh Van, who was the famous jew­eler of Paris and was a true iconic fig­ure in the world of jew­elry today.

Yet his career resem­bles as that of an artist who never gave up his dream no mat­ter what dif­fi­cul­ties came in his way. Jean Dinh Van is a vision­ary per­son. He wants to change his rela­tion­ship to the object and the sub­ject, change the per­cep­tion that we have. Back to the story of Jean Dinh Van, gifted jew­eler and designer for Lip time of collection.

A unique and per­sonal history:

Jean Dinh was born under the sign of orig­i­nal­ity. First we must remem­ber it is half Bre­ton by his mother and he also dreams of becom­ing a sailor.

It was the effort of his father, a lac­quer crafts­man that Jean owes his bril­liant des­tiny and he was the one who advised him early to cre­ate jew­elry. This is the love of crafts taught by his father and the taste for work well done man­ual that guided the young designer nat­u­rally towards jewelry.

Learn­ing the art

He prac­tices in the 1950s begin­ning with a study of draw­ing dec­o­ra­tive arts, a true his­tory of over two cen­turies national insti­tu­tion, open the hand of the king Louis XV by let­ters patent.

But it is to Cartier, the pres­ti­gious house; he really learned the craft of arti­san jew­eler. He has received artis­tic train­ing before receiv­ing a tra­di­tional train­ing. One can eas­ily see in his cur­ricu­lum fer­tile ground for its future cre­ativ­ity in jew­elry is watch.

But do not go too fast because before mak­ing his own jew­elry is more than 10 years will elapse dur­ing which Jean man­u­fac­tures among oth­ers some of the so famous Pan­thers Cartier and house flowers.

Ready to fly with its own wings

It was in 1965 that I Dinh Van will even­tu­ally set up his own account on Gail­lon place in the 2nd arrondisse­ment of Paris. It is at the same time he real­izes the famous ring two pearls but he did not sign it signed by Pierre Cardin to per­haps give it more vis­i­bil­ity. The gam­ble has paid off since we can still admire this beau­ti­ful cre­ation at the Museum of Dec­o­ra­tive Arts in Paris.

Fol­low­ing his story will per­haps allow you to con­sider the con­nec­tion there was between the work of Jean Dinh Van and Lip watches before their association.

Dinh Van is an amaz­ing brand that rules in Paris

In the 1970s the cre­ator invented what would become an emblem of the brand, per­haps even an icon. In fact, it is a para­dox for the Jew­eller, the free­dom lovers who wanted to become a sailor since the recall is a pair of hand­cuffs! But of course this is not the depri­va­tion of free­dom they sym­bol­ize, but the friend­ship or love rela­tion­ship that can unite two people.

lip dinhWe can say that this is the decade or accel­er­ates, the years all suc­cess for the jew­eler. He set­tled first at 7 rue paix, where he cre­ated a con­cept store where dif­fer­ent artists have the oppor­tu­nity to speak if they wish. It is then in New York he moved his shop on Madi­son Avenue whose rep­u­ta­tion is known world­wide, and in Geneva, Switzer­land and finally in Brussels.

Jean Dinh Van design there­fore draws three tow­ers sil­ver lady’s arm in which a move­ment is cased T13.



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