How can you protect your luxury watches


Fol­low these tips to shield your lux­ury Watches.

Watch Care sheet

Pro­tect­ing the watch against any shock:

Most of the times the glass of your watch gets cracked, or the case or the bezels are pressed. To avoid such a dis­ap­point­ment, there are sev­eral tricks you can remem­ber before cer­tain activ­i­ties, and other hap­pen­ings occur and make you suffer.

–For starters, for­get the sport with its lux­ury watch. It would take too many risks to get the shock for the kind of mate­r­ial of your watch, or even wear a loud bang that would shock the move­ment. It would be pinch­ing the rocker.

–The same pre­cau­tions should be taken if you are a musi­cian and the bat­tery is your favourite instru­ment, or if you are a DIYer. No lux­ury watch has never liked to be coated with plas­ter or receive a hammer.

The other risk sit­u­a­tion would be to wear your bracelet that is too broad. Watch revolves around your wrist, and the first of any table, the lesser angle door, your watch actu­ally costs. While you wear a nice watch with a steel bracelet, leather, cloth. Set it to the right size, with a tower accu­rate wrist.

–If you need to trans­port your watch, remem­ber that a case of glasses will not be the case. Cas­kets travel exist that keep watch and pre­vent them from trav­el­ing inside your suitcase.

You under­stand, it is to be extremely care­ful with its beau­ti­ful watches to enjoy as long as possible.

Pro­tect­ing the watch against scratches:

Pre­cau­tions to pro­tect your watch from scratches are almost the same as for shocks. DIY and other phys­i­cal activ­i­ties pre­scribed, but not only for scratches. It can go fast enough, even if the marks are redou­bling their inge­nu­ity to cre­ate scratch-resistant steels. You must take care while you enter your car,when you turn from a door­knob, when you wear cufflinks.

The big dif­fer­ence with the shock is that the stripes, at least the micro-scratches are not nec­es­sar­ily final. It is there­fore nec­es­sary per­spec­tive. Be cau­tious yes, not para­noid, live, with your wrist watch, and after some time, for him a makeover, take a work­shop there for a pol­ish­ing ses­sion, it will become more bril­liant than ever, and at the same time as scratches, your scru­ples will be gone. Until next time.

Pro­tect­ing the watch against water or moisture:

This will pre­serve your watch preda­tor when there is a curios­ity win­dow to hold the right infor­ma­tion on the resis­tance of your watch. If you are afraid of not know­ing how to inter­pret the infor­ma­tion, ask the seller of prop­erty you spec­ify. And to give you an indi­ca­tion already on the seals, read our arti­cle shows how to main­tain the summer.

But still remem­ber the basic pre­cau­tions which include:

–Never go back under a hot shower with your watch and the joints do not really like, but not at all hot water.

–Do not let your watch no longer in the bath­room, depend­ing on the model it will not enjoy either fog, and high humidity.

If watch allows you to swim, you must be care­ful about the same degree of tight­ness and speed your entry into the water, which should be progressive.

Another thing to know is that you can own a watch which orig­i­nally is a water­proof model. BUT if this watch is now old, vin­tage, know that you can not swim with it, with­out the risk it takes water. Warn­ing, your watch should also be equipped with a suit­able strap that can be of rub­ber or steel.

So you need to remem­ber for all your water­proof watches, it is to redo the seals every year or every year and a half in a watch shop. Pre­ven­tion is bet­ter than cure, for your beau­ti­ful watch, like your wallet.

Pro­tect­ing the watch against mag­netic fields:

We did not always ren­ders account, but our every­day envi­ron­ment is sat­u­rated with mag­netic fields. There is face all the time: at work, in trans­port or at home.

If the mag­netic fields are haz­ardous to your watch, it is because they are able to alter the oper­a­tion: the watch may stop or deranged. Should there­fore be avoided as much as pos­si­ble to let near a phone all day, or tablet, or even put it on your bed­side table next to the lap­top. How­ever, if your watch was a vic­tim of these mag­netic fields, you should take her to a watch­mak­ing work­shop equipped with a device designed to pro­duce a mag­netic field opposite.

These are the pre­cau­tions and some of the prob­lems. If you can avoid from such prob­lems, you can keep your watch safe and long lasting.



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