Poetic Planetarium — Van Cleef & Arpels SIHH 2014


Per­pet­u­at­ing is like an inspi­ra­tion that is kept at your house, in the plan­ets or the con­stel­la­tions are exposed by a charm­ing day, like so many other invi­ta­tions made for trav­el­ling and dream­ing. These new designs are also includ­ing invol­un­tary dura­tion and it also allows the stars to stay in con­tact with the Poetic Plan­e­tar­ium. On the other hand the unpub­lished tables are star­ring and emerged in Extra­or­di­nary Dials records. The selec­tion is made accord­ing to the inspi­ra­tion of the pieces, the crafts and such mate­ri­als that are con­nected in a bril­liant way. They are attached in a way that they reflect renewed cre­ativ­ity of excel­lence in Van Cleef and Arpels.

With time, more clas­sic and new style iconic watches will be kept at the house for sale and will be avail­able to peo­ple. When these attrac­tive watches are used with a rose gold appear­ance and look exquis­itely sim­ple. The Pierre Arpels mate­ri­als will be used in the cre­ations that reflect the designs of esthete with enough tal­ents. There are so many sto­ries being heard about the ele­gance and luck and with time, the imag­i­na­tion of Cleef and Arpels are enriched in people’s minds.

The pro­saic Astronomy

Van Cleef and Arpel is cel­e­brat­ing its suc­cess and giv­ing the look of an amaz­ing future arous­ing with the pro­saic astron­omy. It is as shiny and suc­cess­ful as the path sur­rounded with stars, sun, moon and magic lights of shim­mer­ing sky. This brand is truly inspired by the house cre­ations that get ideas from the poetry starts and con­sider the time mea­sure­ment likewise.

Poetic Plan­e­tar­iumPoetic Planetarium


For this, the brand is dream­ing and plan­ning to tame heav­enly scales of wrist­watch pro­por­tions.  A really time passed after the launcg of Lady Arpels model when it cel­e­brated new round for stars with his­toric tra­di­tions of plants. It became very much famous in eigh­teenth cen­tury when these objects started to rep­re­sent the three dimen­sional solar sys­tem along with the plan­ets revolv­ing around the sun. This was the real inspi­ra­tion of the brand designs and due to which the com­pany is get­ting this much fame in the watch mak­ing indus­try. The watch mak­ing indus­try is too vast and the design­ers and brands use dis­tinct ideas to make their name famous and brand successful.

Rac­ing with time and stars

The poetic prob­lems resulted in the minia­ture motion of six plan­ets that were revolv­ing around the sun in a fixed posi­tion. The plan­ets around the sun are clearly vis­i­ble from the Earth when a per­son sees them with naked eyes. This pat­tern is moti­vated by com­plex auto­matic and wind­ing move­ment that is in the fixed motion and fixed pat­tern. A total num­ber of 396 pieces has been col­lab­o­rated and devel­oped in the designed module.

To read the time, a per­son just needs to look at the shoot­ing star, and the pat­tern that is clearly vis­i­ble from the House.

These are the dif­fer­ent kinds of func­tions used for poetic cel­e­bra­tions and which draw a per­fect invi­ta­tion towards the brand. The credit for this goes to rotat­ing bezel. The owner is respon­si­ble for select­ing the day and he does this by keep­ing red tri­an­gle over grad­u­ated schedule.



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