Poker shows com­ple­tion of the tril­ogy watches games Christophe Claret, the sides of the 21 Black­jack and Bac­carat. Poker should actu­ally be the first time­pieces launched by the fun fac­tory. How­ever, the tech­ni­cal dif­fi­cul­ties of tran­scrip­tion watch this game decided otherwise.

No tech­ni­cal solu­tion had been found by the five man­u­fac­tur­ers Man­u­fac­tur­ing in rela­tion to the com­plex­ity of the game design gears and bring in a mechan­i­cal move­ment — that instru­ment a com­plete set of 52 cards and include rules poker — is a real achieve­ment that offers new tech­ni­cal per­spec­tives  of Haute Hor­logerie. In total, the watch com­bines 32,768 dif­fer­ent parts of the game. The odds of win­ning were cal­cu­lated so that they all essen­tially the same chance of winning.

Poker allows engag­ing in gen­uine parts to three play­ers, accord­ing to the most pop­u­lar vari­ant of poker: Texas Hold’em. As a reminder of the rules, a game of Texas Hold’em begins with the dis­tri­b­u­tion of two hole cards per player that is vis­i­ble alone. Grad­u­ally add five open cards: three called the flop, after the first round of bet­ting, another card, the turn, after a sec­ond, and the last one, the river . To have the best hand in Texas Hold’em poker, it is nec­es­sary to have the best pos­si­ble com­bi­na­tion of five cards among the seven that the player has.

No less than 655 pieces make up this fac­tory self-winding cal­iber, entirely new, with two bar­rels for a power reserve of approx­i­mately 72 hours. In addi­tion to its fun fea­tures, the watch does not fail to tell the time with a duo core needles.

Usabil­ity of Poker is also impres­sive and unex­pected as its intrin­sic com­plex­ity. Three play­ers con­front around the clock. This weapon launch a spring which simul­ta­ne­ously four con­cen­tric disks, one of sap­phire, on which the cards are printed. No way to spec­u­late accord­ing to the posi­tion of the discs. After a few moments of neck­laces come stop at ran­dom. All discs are mounted on ball bear­ings ceramic or ruby to rotate freely as possible.

Once the pusher at 9 actu­ated cards are dis­trib­uted and mixed at 6 am. An inge­nious mech­a­nism ori­ented lou­vers makes them invis­i­ble to other play­ers. After this first time, the pusher at 10 reveals the flop, three cards that appear to the left of the dial. Another push 8h reveals in turn turn, map to the right of the dial. Finally, the same push dis­trib­utes the river, also to the right of the dial. True to his mas­tery of strik­ing watches, Christophe Claret has not failed to pro­vide it with a cathe­dral gong that sounds each time the flop and turn mark­ers. The time show­down happened.

Entirely man­u­fac­tured and assem­bled in the fac­tory, the dial of the watch has been reflected Poker to achieve a per­fect read­abil­ity of the time and play sub­tle decor, matt black ring, open­work of play­ing cards, there is a sil­ver back­ground. Iconic brand, nee­dles ruby and tita­nium — the most expen­sive to pro­duce because of the com­plex­ity of machin­ing these pre­cious mate­ri­als — are enhanced phos­phor. Hours are sug­gested directly on the bezel to avoid mak­ing the scene. With still 77 com­po­nents, the per­fectly bal­anced dial allows three play­ers to play with all the required concentration.

Trans­par­ent back­ground in fact opens the panorama on the roulette, embod­ied by the oscil­lat­ing mass. This con­struc­tion of the wind­ing rotor is iconic col­lec­tion of inter­ac­tive watches Christophe Claret. Once launched by one or two wave motions, oscil­lat­ing weight piv­ots few moments before stop­ping: the chips are down! An arrow points to one of 37 dig­its placed on an inter­nal flange. If it were, it would have been placed using a spe­cial key fac­ing a green emer­ald set on the bottom.

Avail­able in four ver­sions — two-tone PVD black­ened grade 5 tita­nium and gold or gray PVD black­ened grade 5 tita­nium and rose gold — mono­chrome grade 5 tita­nium with black PVD nee­dles blue spinel or ruby red — Poker watch has a patent World. Each run is lim­ited to 20 copies.

Poker watches


  • Move­ment: mechan­i­cal with auto­matic wind­ing , cal­iber PCK05 , 38.6 × 9.92 mm ( with stamp ) , 655 com­po­nents , 72 jew­els, 4 ball bear­ings dou­ble , dou­ble bar­rels, 72 hr power reserve , Swiss escapement.
  • Func­tions: hours and min­utes dis­play, 2 games: Texas Hold’em Poker with ring­tone and game roulette stamp patented Cathedral
  • Case: 45mm in diam­e­ter, 15.95mm thick, white gold and tita­nium grade 5 black PVD with cabo­chon black tita­nium grade 5 pink gold crown and grade 5 tita­nium with black tita­nium cabo­chon or black tita­nium grade 5 black with cabo­chon ruby red or blue spinel , water resis­tant to 30m.

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