Quick Preview of IWC Portuguese Minute repeater


The minute repeater is a great com­pli­ca­tion fas­ci­nated by its com­plex­ity but also its trans­la­tion time, and its style is poetic. This spe­cial watch is pub­lished in 500 copies a mar­vel that gives us another read­ing time.

IWC Portuguese Minute repeater

It indi­cates the num­ber of hours since 12am with a bass sound, the num­ber of quar­ter hours elapsed since the begin­ning of time with alter­nat­ing high and low sounds and finally the num­ber of min­utes since the last quar­ter of time with a high-pitched sound.

Enjoy this excep­tional time­piece sound clar­ity, the appro­pri­ate vol­ume and size quite rea­son­able to include a mech­a­nism for such com­plex­ity. A mar­vel as it should be rep­re­sented by the watch IWC Por­tuguese Minute Repeater.

Poetic ori­gins

We pre­pared sev­eral uses the ori­gins of this com­pli­ca­tion. The minute repeater invented in 1750 by Thomas Mudge was cre­ated to be the time at night, because at that time no elec­tric­ity; there was no other way to have a notion of time. Oth­ers argue that this tech­nique is par­tic­u­larly used to give time to the visu­ally impaired. Brand IWC for its fact par­al­lel with the mea­sure­ment of time on the high seas for the Por­tuguese explor­ers, because at the time were already in use a sound to per­ceive the notion of time.


The minute repeater is inte­grated with a watch that says, demand, exact by a com­plex sys­tem of rings hour mechanism.

In the repeater mech­a­nism, more than two hun­dred pieces work in per­fect har­mony, as in a mechan­i­cal orches­tra. Minute repeaters gen­er­ally indi­cate hours a bass sound, quar­ter by a high-low sequence and min­utes by a high-pitched sound.

Once your watch is armed, you engage the lever fully, and it will trig­ger the gear train, which will itself oper­ate two ham­mers come knock­ing two minia­ture bells, called stamps.

Tech­ni­cal information

Min­i­mum lim­ited Edi­tion of 500 pieces

Mechan­i­cal move­ment along with the fea­tures of man­ual winding

Glass sap­phire and cream dial

Ara­bic numer­als with hands Rose Gold 750 per 1000 (18k)

Small sec­onds and minute repeater for time duration

Croc­o­dile strap and fold­ing buckle Rose Gold 750 per 1000 (18k)


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