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Greubel Forsey 2014In 2011, Greubel Forsey rev­o­lu­tion­ized the field of watches with a GMT time­piece pio­neer­ing tech­ni­cal, artis­tic and ergonomic point of view. Its excep­tional chronome­ter move­ment with a tour­bil­lion 24 sec­onds inclined at 25 ° is now set in a plat­inum case.

Ref­er­ence to “Green­wich Mean Time”, the time ref­er­ence merid­ian, the acronym GMT means in the watch mak­ing vocab­u­lary, indi­cat­ing a sec­ond time zone. Ani­mated by a spirit of inquiry, Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey have gone far beyond the con­ven­tional view of a spin­dle in a win­dow or using a nee­dle, includ­ing their time­pieces globe per­form­ing a rota­tion com­plete in 24 hours in the coun­ter­clock­wise watch, that is to say which bor­rows our planet.

This plani­sphere mate­ri­al­izes time in real time, from the point of view of the North Pole towards which they con­verge. One look you can pick them all. It is 12 in the UK. This is the begin­ning of the after­noon in Rome or Geneva. Sun­light soon awak­ens the East Coast of the United States, while the East is plunged into dark­ness. This first con­tact with the time­keeper calls already now a poetic jour­ney transcon­ti­nen­tal. Greubel Forsey’s GMT is more than a watch. It turns out a portable time card.Greubel Forsey 2014Greubel Forsey 2014

An open­ing in the hous­ing side win­dow offers a view of the south­ern hemi­sphere. If the South Pole does not appear, is that it is the anchor point on earth that has a fly­wheel mech­a­nism piv­ot­ing. The choice of Greubel Forsey has focused on tita­nium, worked here in three dimen­sions with extreme pre­ci­sion to rep­re­sent the con­ti­nents on a smaller scale.

The globe has a promi­nence at 8:00 am, while the tour­bil­lion 24 sec­onds is placed at 5:00 am in a sec­ond pro­tu­ber­ance. The plat­inum case has a third in 1 hour: Hourly basic infor­ma­tion has been com­piled in this upper part of the dial side, with a small water­fall and a sec­ond 2 hrs reserve indi­ca­tor at 3 o’clock. Found at 10:00 am GMT dis­play for a sec­ond time zone.

The back of the time­piece appears uni­ver­sal time that is 24 hours time, as a true record of world time. It slips away the names of 24 cities, and a dis­play dif­fer­en­ti­ated car­tridges DST (for cities under this regime) is in a par­tic­u­larly leg­i­ble. Ulti­mate wink, a Sun at the peak hours of the world illu­mi­nates the back of the case, leav­ing the front of the stage to the Earth.

Nat­u­rally, and there also rec­og­nizes the “sig­na­ture Greubel Forsey”, par­tic­u­lar atten­tion is paid to the dec­o­ra­tion of com­po­nents down to the small­est details. The hand fin­ish­ing dis­claim full range of tra­di­tional tech­niques of grain­ing to cham­fer­ing, through shades of pol­ish­ing, lap­ping, lines drawn in black pol­ished blocked. The curved glass, bot­tom and side win­dow are sap­phire. The hand-sewn black alli­ga­tor strap with plat­inum fold­ing clasp. This is a beau­ti­ful demon­stra­tion of know-how at the ser­vice of the craftsmanship.

GMT gauge is pow­ered by two bar­rels pro­vid­ing a range of 72 h to fre­quency 21,600 alter­na­tions / hour. The cal­iber has 443 com­po­nents. It is equipped with a tour­bil­lion escape­ment 24 sec­onds inclined at 25 °, con­sist­ing of 87 com­po­nents weigh­ing a total of 0.36 gr.

In addi­tion to its time­keep­ing prop­er­ties and reli­a­bil­ity, this exhaust block was selected for its small size, which keeps a tem­plate with a diam­e­ter of 36.40 mm (16 ½ lignes). This allows a new hous­ing to medium size, 43.5 mm wide and a total height of 16.14 mm. Made of plat­inum 950 unal­ter­able, it has a slightly lighter than the pre­vi­ous ver­sion in white gold hue.


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