Skyhawk Citizen Plane


Cit­i­zen plane is a blue angels edi­tion of Sky­hawk. The fash­ion fol­low­ers truly know what kind of acces­sories are nowa­days in fash­ion. Peo­ple who keep on fol­low­ing these lat­est updates in the new and upcom­ing fash­ion acces­sories rec­og­nize what sort of things are in fash­ion and what sort of things have gone out of fash­ion. Watches in a true sense are a nec­es­sary style acces­sory for men as well as for the women. Keep­ing in mind the impor­tance and demands of fash­ion seek­ers, Cit­i­zen Plane was designed and brought into the market.


Cit­i­zen Plane is a U.S. Navy’s newest and mod­ern flight demon­stra­tion and is known as an “offi­cial” clock for the forces. The clock is avail­able in two col­ors that are blue and yel­low. This watch gives forces the same looks as F-18 air­craft gives and looks like. The fly­ing angels or back adorned sol­diers with their heavy loaded weapons tak­ing their posi­tions. So this makes this styl­ish acces­sory more charm­ing and graceful.

The Cit­i­zen plane has now been updated and is now avail­able in the mod­i­fied fea­tures and designs. With time, this watch is becom­ing much more famous and charm­ing than the time it was first designed.

For most of the peo­ple Cit­i­zen plan is like a true friend help­ing them in the trou­ble hours. Like here you can see how attrac­tive and classy the dials of the watch are with both ana­logue and dig­i­tal fea­tures. Those who feel more con­ve­nient with dig­i­tal dial, or those who pre­fer ana­logue dial, both would love to wear such an a styl­ish watch. To show you the styl­ish watch, here are some of the pic­tures of Cit­i­zen Plan uploaded.

Skyhawk Citizen Plane

You can view these pic­tures and read out about the fea­tures to make sure that you are buy­ing some­thing worth wearing.



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