The auction of Rolex Yacht-Master


The auc­tion of Rolex went very well and that rea­son for its fame and pop­u­lar­ity is so obvi­ous. Every­body knows how famous and demand­ing this watch is and peo­ple are a big fan of such a brand. Rolex is not a new brand and is giv­ing many lat­est designs of sev­eral fash­ion acces­sories. The Rolex is a famous brand not only among the com­mon peo­ple, but also among the celebri­ties who are des­per­ate fol­low­ers of lat­est fash­ion accessories.

Rolex Yacht-Master

If you don’t know the truth and real­ties that might sur­prise you about the brand than let us make you aware of that. We can start from the price of the watch that is only 75 salmon and which is only the start­ing price. The price ranges con­tinue to grow as the design and mod­i­fi­ca­tions are made in the styles. Such brands would not accept any bar­gain and would sell its prod­ucts at fixed prices.

Brad Pitt Rolex Yacht-Master

Yacht-Master has its own story!

Yacht-Master is another model of Rolex the famous brand. Rolex has intro­duces and released this brand in the mar­ket in the late 1990’s. The model name of this watch refers to of course the adven­tures that can be enjoyed at sea. Unlike other mod­els and styles of Rolex acces­sories, this model Yacht Mas­ter has its own style and his­tory of Sea Dweller and submariner.

The Yacht-Master model was intro­duced in the year 1992 and it had 18k gold watch along with a ref­er­ence num­ber 16628. The watch has a white dial around it. The time the watch dis­plays was based on same move­ment as all other mod­els of Rolex show and which are related to Sub­mariner or Sea-Dweller.

The Yacht-Master watch is pre­pared with clas­sic trip lock crown and has water­proof fea­tures up to 100 meters. There are only a few peo­ple who afford to buy such a gold watch. Not every­one is ready to invest on such an expen­sive and heavy accessory.

Rolex’s model Yacht Mas­ter has been bought by many famous celebri­ties and this shows how beau­ti­ful and attrac­tive the watch would be. Here are some of the pic­tures of this styl­ish and expen­sive model of Rolex you can view to make a choice.

Rolex has become famous not due to its one or two prod­ucts, but it has sev­eral such prod­ucts that make it a famous and styl­ish brand. There­fore most of the celebrity men choose to buy a Rolex watch for them.

 Rolex Yacht-Master


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