tourbillon 1815 with zero-reset — A. Lange & Söhne


This is the first time a watch A. Lange & Söhne has com­bined the sec­ond stop for the tour­bil­lon mech­a­nism and set­ting the time Zero-Reset. Through the inter­ac­tion of these two patented sys­tems, the new 1815 Tour­bil­lon can be stopped at the near­est sec­ond for the last time even easier.

The Tour­bil­lon 1815 is designed to pro­vide max­i­mum accu­racy. Out­stand­ing dri­ving sta­bil­ity is guar­an­teed by its tour­bil­lon 60 sec­onds. The accu­racy of the time set­ting is pro­vided by the inter­ac­tion of two patented sys­tems: when the crown is pulled, the bal­ance within the tour­bil­lon stops instantly, and hand sec­onds imme­di­ately returns to the zero posi­tion. The watch can then be eas­ily set the time from a watch or a ref­er­ence time signal.

A. LANGE-S C3 96HNE 1815 tourbillon with zero-reset

Watches with a tour­bil­lon have long not been accu­rately set because it was not pos­si­ble to stop the vor­tex. In 2008, man­u­fac­tur­ers A. Lange & Söhne pro­vide a solu­tion to this puz­zle suc­cess­fully curb the bal­ance imme­di­ately inside the rotat­ing tour­bil­lon cage. Pulling the trig­ger ring of a com­plex lever mech­a­nism that low­ers a mov­able V-shaped spring on the rim of the bal­ance. It instantly freezes the bal­ance. The Tour­bil­lon 1815 is also pro­vided with this patented mech­a­nism, which can be observed par­tially through an open­ing in the dial.

 A. LANGE-S C3 96HNE 1815 tourbillon with zero-reset

But this time, developer’s time­pieces Lange went even fur­ther: they asso­ci­ated this stop mech­a­nism mech­a­nism Zero Reset, also patented. By pulling the crown, not only we stop the sec­ond hand, but it is instantly backed to the zero posi­tion. Thus, the minute hand can be posi­tioned pre­cisely on a line mark­ing the minute, and the watch can be restarted in the second.

A. LANGE-S C3 96HNE 1815 tourbillon with zero-reset

It is this faith­ful to the ideal pur­sued by Fer­di­nand A. Lange, whose birth year gave its name to the watch. Only the swirl, as can be seen through a cutout in the dial indi­cates the com­plex­ity of the watch. The dial diam­e­ter was increased to 13.2 mil­lime­ters, or about a mil­lime­ter higher than in pre­vi­ous devel­op­ments Lange. The small sec­onds hand is dri­ven by the shaft of the vor­tex. To ensure the best pos­si­ble con­trast with the dial light in color, it is blued steel. Just like the clas­sic timer “rail­road” style Ara­bic numer­als rem­i­nis­cent of old pocket watches A. Lange & Söhne.

A. LANGE-S C3 96HNE 1815 tourbillon with zero-reset

The spi­ral and the rim of the bal­ance has been made with the utmost care by Lange and are per­fectly suited to one another. We find the same atten­tion to detail in the fin­ish­ing of the move­ment, hand-decorated. Against the pivot dia­mond tour­bil­lon is the coro­na­tion. With a diam­e­ter of 39.5 mil­lime­ters, the case in pink gold or plat­inum gives the Lange man­u­fac­ture cal­iber L102.1 a frame­work for har­mo­nious pro­por­tions. Lim­ited to 100 copies of the edi­tion plat­inum ver­sion empha­sizes the exclu­sive char­ac­ter of this excep­tional time­piece. The first tour­bil­lon watch A. Lange & Söhne with sec­ond stop and zero reset reflects con­cern that at the fac­tory always ques­tion the tech­ni­cal solu­tions and perfect.


  • Move­ment: mechan­i­cal func­tions with man­ual wind­ing, cal­iber L102.1, assem­bled and dec­o­rated by hand, 32.6mm in diam­e­ter, 6.6mm thick, fine adjust­ment in five posi­tions; plates and bridges untreated Ger­man sil­ver, engraved bridge sec­onds hand, 262 com­po­nents, 20 jew­els, 1 pivot against dia­mond, 3 screwed gold cha­tons, lever escape­ment, bal­ance spring man­u­fac­tured by supe­rior man­u­fac­tur­ing, fre­quency bal­ance of 21,600 vibra­tions per hour, 72 hours power reserve
  • Func­tions: hours, min­utes, small sec­onds, minute tour­bil­lon with patented stop sec­onds and set­ting mech­a­nism patented Zero-Reset time
  • Case: 39.5mm diam­e­ter, 11.1mm thick, glass and sap­phire crystal
  • Dial: Solid sil­ver, blued steel hands

A. LANGE-S C3 96HNE 1815 tourbillon with zero-reset


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