Zenith joined Spindrift racing as their official Timekeeper


Zenith is the rep­re­sen­ta­tive time­keeper of team Spin­drift. It is the largest rac­ing tri­maran in ocean that will be use­ful in break­ing the impor­tant records that include North Atlantic only in 24 hours and the routes of Rhum.  Zenith joined Spindrift racing

The true entre­pre­neur­ial spir­its are replaces by push­ing the lim­its repeat­edly and this work is con­stantly done on the loom and con­quers the extra spaces that are too bold.

This hap­pens because it increases and becomes famous because it is made with the capac­ity of look­ing fur­ther and open­ing up new hori­zons that Zenith could accom­pany the nearly all remark­able human adven­tures and even shared des­tiny of unusual personalities.

Zenith has now left its promi­nent mark on the records of space and avi­a­tion. By reg­u­lat­ing and fol­low­ing the foot­steps of Gandhi, the man­u­fac­ture can be passed eas­ily into the his­tory. By using large num­ber of explor­ers, it is use­ful for con­tribut­ing to the most impor­tant advances. A num­ber of fab­u­lous epics and an essen­tial part of the her­itage of brand con­trol the strength that will ani­mate it.

The Zenith has remain com­mit­ted for almost three years and has proved to be the offi­cial Time­keeper of rac­ing and a part of spin­drift and it is the largest ocean rac­ing of the world in 2014. It has faced some impor­tant chal­lenges shared with Lake Geneva around the Atlantic.

Two Spin­drift includes maxi tri­maran are designed for beat­ing the most imper­a­tive oceanic records crew and is hold­ing nine records around the world, includ­ing the Jules Verne Tro­phy. This par­tic­i­pates in the Route du Rhum. This is also used for opti­miz­ing and improv­ing the per­for­mance of the boat that is used for bold­ing Dona Bertarelli. The busi­ness­woman may also accom­plish the sports­woman, Yann Guichard and Emer­i­tus browser. By using this project, Yann Guichard and Dona Bertarelli share their obses­sion for sail­ing which is an amaz­ing sport where mul­ti­fac­eted per­for­mances rely pri­mar­ily on rea­soned as well as effec­tual that is ready for mov­ing for­ward together. This may also take on some new chal­lenges in the team. To be bold and remain­ing struc­tured and prag­matic approach can be adopted by team since the incep­tion of team in 2011 was given the rewards.

Zenith also wrote some of the most impor­tant and promi­nent chap­ters that are now added in the his­tory and books of watch mak­ing. The chap­ters truly explain what sorts of hur­dles and prob­lems were faced in the indus­try and what were the main issues. The Primero cal­iber was the first included mechan­i­cal chrono­graph move­ment used for beat­ing the addi­tion to fre­quency of almost 36,000 vibra­tions in one hour which has now become an icon and should be followed.

Nearly fifty years have been passed soon after it was first cre­ated; it remains the only chrono­graph series that can be used for mea­sur­ing the short time up to 1/10th per second.

Spin­drift rac­ing team just like Zenith trusts their stars. “Spin­drift rac­ing is a group of young team mem­bers who are moti­vated to bring together team­work just like the pro­fes­sion­als who work to get quickly paid off,” this was a say­ing by Dona Bertarelli.

Proud of its his­tory, the Man­u­fac­ture takes advan­tage of its rich past to project into the future. And to give it mean­ing, it com­bines relent­less future inno­va­tion. Going fur­ther, the bet­ter, oth­er­wise, faster or more pre­cisely, is the engine of all inven­tors, and all those who take their des­tiny in hand and dri­ven by an urgent need to undertake.


  • D35 Lady­cat by Spin­drift racing
  • GP Ambassadors-9–11
  • Open Crans-24–25 May
  • Bol Mirabaud
  • Genève-Rolle-Genève
  • Open de Versoix
  • Swiss National
  • GP Grange & Cie
  • GP SNG
  • 2 Spin­drift trimaran
  • Site opti­miza­tion with changes (Lorient).
  • Stand-by crewed record of North Atlantic.
  • Depar­ture solo Route (Pointe-A-Pitre).



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