Bell & Ross BR01-92 shows Airspeed


Bell & Ross is a brand that fits per­fectly in the great Swiss watch mak­ing tra­di­tion while pro­duc­ing pro­fes­sional instru­ments. Three new BR 01 mod­els flesh out the col­lec­tion of lux­ury watches Avi­a­tion, a col­lec­tion that illus­trates the brand val­ues ​​between per­for­mance and history.

These watches come with BR01-92 Air­speed, Head­ing indi­ca­tor BR 01–92 and BR 01–97 Climb three instru­ments inspired cockpit.

Indeed the first inspi­ra­tion for first watch is speedome­ter. It allows to mea­sure the veloc­ity of an air­craft when it is fly­ing in the air and to con­trol the blind con­trolled man­ner. Gyro com­pass or head­ing indi­ca­tor, which comes in our sec­ond watch, it is an essen­tial flight instru­ment used both in man­ual flight and autopi­lot, it indi­cates the direc­tion where air­craft is heading.

Finally, the ver­ti­cal speed, or ver­ti­cal speed indi­ca­tor, allows the pilot to know at any time if the air­craft is ascend­ing, descend­ing or in level flight. This instru­ment is based on the atmos­pheric pres­sure which is mea­sured in hun­dred feet per minute.

Bell & Ross BR01-92

These watches have many com­mon points. Auto­matic mechan­i­cal ETA move­ments are pro­tected in boxes with black PVD 46 mm in diam­e­ter. They thus offer great read­abil­ity and all three are accom­pa­nied by two bracelets with rub­ber and syn­thetic can­vas. Each ref­er­ence will be pro­duced in a lim­ited edi­tion of 999 pieces; how­ever, today I will intro­duce you to the BR 01–92 Airspeed.


This famous BR 01–92 Air­speed, two tow­er­ing nee­dles cov­ered with white lumi­nes­cent coat­ing that con­trasts with the black dial used for clear infor­ma­tion. To max­i­mize read­abil­ity, hours, min­utes and sec­onds hands are sep­a­rated to high­light the min­utes on the large diam­e­ter, while the hours are dis­played in the cen­ter. Sec­ond, are cov­ered at corners.

Bell & Ross BR01-92

Black car­bon fin­ish, glare hous­ing is based on the color of a pic­ture of an air­plane, whose func­tion is to make it easy to read. I must say that the dis­play of this watch looks just like the anemome­ter (or air­speed in Eng­lish), which is the speedome­ter in a cock­pit. Bell & Ross design­ers, under the lead­er­ship of Bruno Belamich, bor­rowed design from the anemome­ter, cre­at­ing a unique time dis­play which is extremely read­able. The three col­ors present on the orig­i­nal tool green, white and yel­low are also present on the flange and indi­cate the quar­ter hour.