Breguet Wake Czar watch


Breguet watch  Wake Czar

Among all the great Breguet watches, today we choose to write on the beau­ti­ful Awak­en­ing Tsar, a clas­sic Breguet watch col­lec­tion but with inno­v­a­tive technology.

High Inno­v­a­tive feature

The main fea­ture of this astound­ing watch is indeed its alarm func­tion. A inno­va­tion that car­ries his name really well. Daily, it allows you to man­u­ally set an alarm, an alarm bell for your appoint­ment, and any other acoustic sig­nal to mark the events you will not want to miss. A func­tion beyond its prac­ti­cal char­ac­ter turns out to be a poetic style, and it is dis­tin­guished from the minute hand.

Extreme refine­ment

It is very refined, as by the name of the watch which puts you into a world of lux­ury and plea­sure, in a light and grace­ful way. Breguet states that the name of the watch comes from a pres­ti­gious leader of Rus­sia who was cus­tomer of Breguet name Tsar Alexan­der I.

Obvi­ously, this also requires this time­piece to be the finest. As far as design is con­cerned, the dial of this watch has stun­ning fin­ishes with a guil­loche back­ground with mul­ti­ple hand­made guil­loche, more than 7 dif­fer­ent guil­loche are present, includ­ing the high­light of Paris and grain bar­ley guil­loche circular.

On such a watch, we could of course not have other things than these slen­der and beau­ti­ful blued hands, addi­tion­ally; num­ber 7 also rep­re­sents the idea and rep­u­ta­tion of Breguet.

Inter­nal features

The case of the Breguet watch con­sists of Wake Tsar which is the man­u­fac­tur­ers own and it is also of great sub­tlety: white gold with straight han­dles and fluted sides with a per­fect polish.

Obvi­ously, to admire the Breguet cal­iber 519 auto­matic move­ment, 38 jew­els, they had to think out of the box! Allow 45 hours of power reserve for this move­ment. In short, per­fect fin­ishes with out­stand­ing design; if you still have doubts you can always check this mag­nif­i­cent watch closely.

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