Clifton collection of Baume & Mercier


There are already a few weeks Baume and Mercier has released its lat­est addi­tion to the Clifton col­lec­tion: Clifton GMT watch; the oppor­tu­nity to review this lovely model, and even the col­lec­tion that has enjoyed great suc­cess in early 2013 year.

Clifton col­lec­tion has been a great suc­cess since its release. The expla­na­tion prob­a­bly lies in the fact that it is a stan­dard bearer of the brand and rep­re­sents its ambi­tion for excel­lence, authen­tic­ity; val­ues ​​which all watch enthu­si­asts are sen­si­tive about. Finally, this col­lec­tion placed on the con­cept of acces­si­ble luxury.

 Clifton collection of Baume & Mercier

With its 183-year his­tory, Baume and Mercier decided to equip its watches in the Clifton col­lec­tion of mechan­i­cal move­ments of Swiss man­u­fac­turer which pro­vide high qual­ity and mount them by hand in its Man­u­fac­ture Brenets. The style of these beau­ti­ful watches is decid­edly urban, and time­less, with a propen­sity to remem­ber the New York 50s and make it alive again whole dynam­ics of major inter­na­tional cities (as opposed for exam­ple to the Hamp­ton col­lec­tion focus­ing more on nat­ural and authen­tic moments spent with family?)

Clifton 1830 (ref­er­ence 10060) pre­sented pre-SIHH, is to be as faith­ful as pos­si­ble recov­ery of the his­tor­i­cal model that served as inspi­ra­tion for the Clifton col­lec­tion; So purists will see it as the spear­head of the col­lec­tion. Stream­lined, authen­tic, car­ry­ing within it the his­tory of the brand and the val­ues ​​that have forged this beau­ti­ful watch in red gold is down from its 42 mm, the essence of the col­lec­tion. It has a cal­iber of La Joux-Perret.

 Clifton collection of Baume & Mercier

Clifton ref­er­ences 10054, 10052, 10053, 10099, 10100 are doing in 41 mm alli­ga­tor strap or metal. They dis­play the hour, min­utes and sec­onds with a small sec­ond hand and date window.

The Clifton Red Gold (red gold declined) 10104, 10059, 10058, are avail­able in 39 mm diam­e­ter, with satin sil­ver or anthracite dial sun; the back­ground is vis­i­ble through the trans­par­ent back on alli­ga­tor strap.


The Clifton moon phase have been designed for city dwellers, for those who want to go fur­ther in their love for styl­ish design. In case the 43 mm 10057 ref­er­ences, 10055 are dri­ven by a claibre with a com­pli­ca­tion that dis­plays the day, date and moon phase. Superb sil­ver or blue sun dials.

The Clifton GMT, which have appeared more recently are ded­i­cated to lovers of the city who often travel abroad and who would always know what time it is at home. With a box of 43 mm cal­iber with GMT func­tion and a nee­dle that dis­plays a sec­ond time zone, this func­tion works perfectly.

Effi­cient and sober, this Dual Time is cer­tainly like her sis­ters, to please the great­est num­ber along with its ele­gance and per­fect lines, inspired again by the Baume and Mercier model of the 50s.