Greubel Forsey QP Equation Calendar of Time — SIHH 2014


After the pre­view of Greubel Forsey revealed, QP EQUATION has real first nov­elty in SIHH 2014. When a fan of Haute Hor­logerie feels appointed for per­pet­ual cal­en­dar, his pupils dilate at once. If at that point were to come out even” equa­tion of time “faint­ing is almost assured. In addi­tion to being two of the finest horo­log­i­cal com­pli­ca­tions ever, both embody the chal­lenge of mechan­ics to the mea­sure of the time in the long term.

Greubel Forsey  QP Equation

Per­pet­ual Calendar

For Robert Greubel and Stephen Forsey fan­tas­tic Ate­lier which is based in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Instead of act­ing towards clas­si­cal cor­rec­tors placed on the case mid­dle, just pull out the crown, set “QP” or “H: M” mode by check­ing that the indi­ca­tor appears on the dial at 2 o’clock and adjust with­out going crazy all func­tions always just turn­ing the crown in both direc­tions, or set the time. It seems lit­tle, but con­sid­er­ing that most of the watches you see on the wrist — even those that have the snap never have the date set for “one of those” must also dis­tin­guish the actual length of the day dur­ing the year , have the cal­en­dar set well is essential.

Sim­ple out­side, inside is obvi­ously very com­pli­cated. To move the indi­ca­tions on the dial are a long series of cams with teeth implants fur­ni­ture: the whole mech­a­nism is inte­grated into the move­ment, which only makes it all the more remark­able that it does not increase the size. As already men­tioned, the equa­tion of time is tied for life to cal­en­dar: where is the first, the finest, if not pro­vided could be the other. The cam that con­trols the year with leap year cycle is also used to indi­cate the sea­son, in which QP to EQUATION is vis­i­ble from the bot­tom. Unfor­tu­nately at the moment I write the mate­r­ial being giun­tomi print before the SIHH 2014 in addi­tion to the ones you see there are no other images available.

Equa­tion of time

And ‘one com­pli­ca­tion or func­tion that allows you to mea­sure mechan­i­cally the actual dura­tion of the day , being the Earth’s orbit around the Sun ellip­ti­cal under­goes in the course of daily changes rang­ing from a few sec­onds to a max­i­mum of 16 min­utes . By con­ven­tion, a day always lasts 24 hours, but the real time is the solar time.

Con­tin­u­ing blindly to base myself on the descrip­tion of EQUATION QP to the bot­tom you can read the time of the year shown in the four fig­ures, the leap year is vis­i­ble on the dial with day, date and month. The infor­ma­tion is pro­vided due to two discs in syn­thetic sap­phire trans­par­ent. The first is dri­ven by the wheel of date and has a minute scale to indi­cate the dif­fer­ence between solar time and mean time. The sec­ond disc, which makes a full turn in a year, is divided into four sec­tions in red and blue to indi­cate whether the ’ equa­tion of time is pos­i­tive or neg­a­tive. To dis­cover it, it should be noted on the dial where the red line (pos­i­tive dif­fer­ence) or the blue line (neg­a­tive dif­fer­ence) crosses the scale.


We must say, a choice to rep­re­sent the ’ equa­tion of time is very unusual when nor­mally only used a hand that describes an area of 8 min­utes more, or less. That of Robert and Stephen also allows you to real­ize the exact point of the ellip­ti­cal orbit that the Earth is going through seiz­ing equinoxes and sol­stices and con­se­quently at what point of the sea­son you are or what is missing.


EQUATION QP to mount one to 24 sec­onds at an angle of 25 ° cov­ered by four patents. Learn more dates a quick look at all the arti­cles of the mark.



  • Check­out
  • Mate­r­ial: White Gold
  • Dimen­sions: 43.5 mm
  • Motion
  • Ele­ments: 570
  • Man­ual double-barrel load of the springs
  • Power reserve of 72 hours
  • Fre­quency: 21,600 A / h
  • Per­pet­ual calendar
  • Equa­tion of time



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