Smart Watches Vs Luxury Watches


Smart watches are now in trends
Smart watches also known as watches con­nected nowa­days are just like what every­body wants to see in his wrist. Smart watches are very good. And every day we hear about it we become more tempt­ing to buy it. The lux­ury watch has long been ignored but now they have become reality.

Sony Smart Watches
Is smart watch known as lux­ury watch and if it is comparable?

After sev­eral brands, it was the turn of Sam­sung which released its smart watch known as Galaxy Gear.
We will pro­vide here to issue any judg­ment on the prod­uct or to review them, this is not really the object. The main ques­tion is does this watch could now, or soon can­ni­bal­ize sales of lux­ury watches?
Reac­tions geeks and CEO of watch brands look more like a seizure than shrug. It is true that this watch does not have much to do with the beau­ti­ful lux­ury watches, those we love here. You can not seri­ously com­pare high tech and crafts see any short art.
In essence, these two types of watches, which have in com­mon the fact of being worn on the wrist, do not have the same objec­tives. One is tread­ing new ground but not com­pletely autonomous, multi-task, but not com­plete, and espe­cially its obso­lete does not match that of a watch would be expected. In the man­ner of all brands of smart­phones, the new ver­sions are in fact for­get the pre­vi­ous, mak­ing them instantly obso­lete. Fine watches, it is quite the oppo­site, with them a piece cul­ture is acquired, craft, tra­di­tion, excep­tion­ally rich in sustainability.

JamesBond Omega
If we want pos­i­tive, we may con­sider new watches will restore the envy of many peo­ple to see, and then, in the nat­ural course of things, these same peo­ple will switch to the choice of fine watch­mak­ing later. Over­all this is what some have brands that are try­ing to see all the excite­ment around smart watches as a stimulus.

How­ever, it will keep a watch­ful eye on the good per­for­mance of all these inno­va­tions. When the quartz arrived, fac­to­ries are paid lit­tle atten­tion and yet every­one knows the evil they had to rely.
Accord­ing to Canalys research over 500,000 smart watches firm should be sold by the end of the year. And when Apple has invested in the mar­ket it might sell mil­lions.
That the watch may pos­si­bly fear, this is not to be nib­bling some mar­ket shares in the low end because it will retal­i­ate. This is pos­si­bly the war wrists. No prob­lem for some­one who used to wear beau­ti­ful mechan­i­cal watches and is not attracted by these watches some­times con­sid­ered gad­gets, and lim­ited in their use. As for the one who loves both fine watch­mak­ing and new tech­nolo­gies will arise their long ques­tion?
These atti­tudes will be closely mon­i­tored. But what stands out is that the lux­ury watch is not actu­ally threat­ened, because beyond the fact that it pales in com­par­i­son, has more than one trick up his sleeve and ben­e­fits an inde­struc­tible reputation.